Pulse crop For Food Security and Sustainable Agriculture

Condition of pulse crops in Bangladesh
February 25, 2009, 11:11 PM
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percentage-of-area-planted-to-different-crops-in-bangladesh-at-05-06Pulses are an important alternative to vegetables for supplementing the diet of most people in the country. Pulses in the general remained a major source of protein wile animal food products rich proteins are beyond the reach of poor people.

In a view of declining soil fertility and yield stagnation during the post–green revolution era, inclusion of grain legume as a component crop in the cereal based cropping systems is widely advocated. Legumes are also essential if crop production is to be increase d using fewer and lesser inputs. Mungbean accounts for almost half of the dry season grown in South and Southeast Asia.

Out of the total cropped area of 14.08 million ha., pulses occupy 0.73 million ha which is about 5.3% of the total land area. The annual requirement of pulses in Bangladesh is about 2.5 million tons considering 45 g/capita/day. But the annual production is less than 0.54 million ton. Per capita availability of pulses in the country thus remains far short of the demand. Bangladesh farmers produce nearly a dozen of pulse crops; but their yield and potential production vary enormously between species and across locations. Although all pulse crops suffer due to expansive culture of rice, wheat and newly expanding maize crop. In Bangladesh crop like lentil and chickpea registered steady growth last few years. With the increase of cereal production, mungbean production showed a promise and increasing trend due to availability of improved variety suitable for incorporation in the existing cropping pattern without any major change in the system. A fairly new introduced cowpea shows a good promise in the southern districts.


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